ENS meeting/ Nail events

European Nail Society Scientific Session 2018 at the EADV

Held one-day prior to the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology’s Annual Meeting, the ENS Annual Meeting includes panel discussions, a keynote speaker and short presentations on the latest in nail and skin research and practice. Please note that registration to the EADV Congress is required




 Wednesday 12 September 2018, from 13.30 to 17.30



Palais des Congrès, PARIS, FRANCE





NAIL EVENTS around the world


Réunion annuelle du GROUPE ONGLE (Société Française de Dermatologie)

 Date  2 June 2018 
 City   Paris, France
 Link  SFD - Groupe ONGLE


COURS D'ONYCHOLOGIE (French speaking)

 Date  20-21 April 2018
 City  Brussels, Belgium
 Link  www.onychologycourse.eu


ONYCHOLOGY COURSE  (English speaking) 

 Date  19-20 October 2018
 City  Brussels, Belgium 
 Link  www.onychologycourse.eu