Dear ENS members,

We (the British Hair and Nail Society) are very excited to announce that we have decided to open our doors to international members for the first time, and we'd very much like members of the ENS to consider applying this year.

We are also about to launch our new website, which we hope you'll agree looks fab, you can view it here at

Currently, 50% of our members are interested in nail conditions and both Dr Dhruv Laheru (Clinical Nail Lead) and myself, Dr Anita Takwale (President of the BHNS), are very keen to expand and grow the nail part of our society.

Joining the society costs only £25 a year and as a member you will get:

  • Up to 50% off BHNS events - two events are being organised this year, the first is the online Hair and Nail Registrar Training day on 10th September which costs £55 and the second is online Hair Education Day on 18 November (cost tbd)
  • Access to the BHNS Grand Round - your clinical cases can be submitted to a panel of nail experts who will then supply you with expert advice on treatment
  • Access to the BHNS Journal Club - A review of nail and hair papers in the national dermatology journals each month
  • Access to the BHNS members only portal - Where case discussions can take place and questions posed to fellow members. Other resources are also shared with members only such as powerpoint presentations after hair and nail events and some online talks
  • The BHNS Newsletter - The newsletter is released twice a year with contributions from members. The last newsletter is attached.

    To join the society please register through the British Association of Dermatologists' website, remembering to mention that you are a member of the ENS when you fill in the application form: